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I'm an avid sportsman and hunting guide in north central Montana. I purchased one of your knives a few years back and have been extremely happy with how it's held up to the abuse I've put it through. It's been great for caping, skinning, field dressing and even some boning. The blade has been a dream to sharpen. - Logan, MontanaAmericana Customer

All knives come with a leather sheath.


Mini Patch knife - $60.00, 2 1/2 inch blade
The Mini Patch knife is a classic little design and one of my most popular many neck knives.


Mini Drop Point - $65.00, 2 1/2 inch blade
The Mini Drop Point is a curvy design that feels comfortable and functional too.


Mini Skinner - $65.00, 2 1/2 inch blade
The Mini Skinner is a very popular practical finger skinner. Don't be afraid to tackle large jobs with this little knife.


Patch knife - $70.00, 2 1/2 inch blade
The Patch knife has a larger handle making it a bit more comfortable to use for an extended time and gives a bit more control. Same as the Peeler in the Kitchen Set with a bit heavier blade.


Perch Filet - $65.00, 5 inch blade
The Perch Filet has a thin flexible 5 inch blade I have used on everything from small perch up to 5 pound pike. It is razor-sharp and ultra light weight.


Pike Filet - $75.00, 7 inch blade
The Pike Filet has a very flexible 7 inch blade with a comfortable handle for those long fish cleaning sessions.

Medium Roach Belly - $85.00, 3 inch blade
The Medium Roach Belly is Heidi's favorite. It's comfortable in the hand and a very functional blade design.


Medium English - $85.00, 3 3/4 inch blade
The Medium English is a real user, with a tried and true blade design dating back to the 1600s.


Round Nosed Butcher Knife - $95.00, 4 3/4 inch blade
Simple, functional, efficient. There is a reason most everyone's Gramma had one in her kitchen. Read more about this knife.


White-tail Caper - $85.00, 3 3/4 inch blade
The White-Tail Caper is a specialty skinning knife with comfortable curvy handle and a thin sharp blade with a lot of radius. It's a skinning machine.


Medium Drop point - $95.00, 3 3/4 inch blade
The Medium Drop Point is my idea of an all-around practical belt knife. It is small enough for birds and big enough for elk.


Dixie Hunter - $95.00, 3 3/4 inch blade
The Dixie Hunter is a real fun practical and versatile design. The lanyard is handy and the handle shape is comfortable.


Steak Knife - $80.00
Carbon steel blade will hold an edge for a long time. 4-1/2" blade, 4-1/2" handle very comfortable to hold. Same as Long Belt.


Paring Knife - $75.00
Handy knife for kitchen or field. 3-1/4" blade, 3-3/4" handle. 1/16" thick blade. Same as small belt knife.


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