Damascus Knives

Due to the popularity of inexpensive, mass-produced, commercial-grade knives, Damascus steel craft became what many considered a lost art. However, fine quality never really falls out of fashion, and there's no question that Damascus steel is more durable and holds a razor-sharp edge longer than any other steel. Unlike retail grade knives, which are stamped from a sheet of medium quality steel, Damascus steel is formed by folding many layers of high quality carbon steel into one block.This block is called a billet. From one billet, a knifemaker can cut several blanks. He then forges a blade out of each blank. The craftsman then grinds the forged blade into a finished knife. Afterwards, he heat-treats it, and then tempers it. Finally, he bathes the blade in acid, which etches the beautiful patterns that define Damascus steel. It takes about 20 hours to complete a single knife, and each one has a distinct look and feel. These qualities make every Damascus knife an heirloom.

Supplies of Damascus blade knives are limited. Call for availability. The price for a Damascus blade is three times (3x) the regular knife list price.

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