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Heidi and I have been working this business together for 17 years. She is from Switzerland and has commented more than once her amazement that the American Dream is still possible. She is also well aware how much work and sacrifice it takes to turn an idea into reality.

We live in a small log cabin off grid so that adds another layer of challenge. She is a real trooper.

After cooking at the rendezvous and living history events for 12 years I was getting road weary; looking for a way to stay home more. I started making sheaths for a couple of knife makers who were selling their knives without sheaths. Their sales increased and I was launched into the leather business. About that time Heidi came into my life. She makes beautiful greeting cards but soon realized she could not make a living at it.

I could see a huge market for knives and had some great practical designs in mind so I eased Heidi into the leather business and we built another shop.

I started making knives; we listened to our customer's suggestions, added choices, modified designs and continue to grow. Our goal is to provide practical, functional, useable, durable, affordable products.

I enjoy writing so you may have seen some of my articles in The Backwoodsman Magazine. I enjoy sharing and it is a fun outlet for some different creative talent. I also enjoy hunting fishing and shooting; everything from flintlocks to wildcats. I could see the urban sprawl taking away places to shoot so I started the Marion Shooters Club. We now have a complete 100 yard shooting range in our back yard with a shooting house, covered benches, target stands, spotting scopes, bags, eye-ear protection etc. That lead me to become a distributor for shooting accessories.

With the range in place I became a Hunter Ed. Instructor and we hold the field day here now instead of fighting for time with 350 others at the Kalispell range and the Marion Shooters Club.

I am a certified NRA range safety officer, pistol instructor, personal self-defence in the home and shotgun instructor. I feel the more I can do to create more, better and more humane hunters and gun handlers the longer we can keep our Second Amendment alive.

Heidi and I both hunt and eat 90% wild game, she continues to make greeting cards dabbles with painting and volunteers at the local fire dept. aux. and food bank so we keep more than busy.

We have also added some quality products so check it all out!

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