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Knives Over $100

I'm an avid sportsman and hunting guide in north central Montana. I purchased one of your knives a few years back and have been extremely happy with how it's held up to the abuse I've put it through. It's been great for caping, skinning, field dressing and even some boning. The blade has been a dream to sharpen. - Logan, MontanaAmericana Customer

All knives come with a leather sheath. Print our price list.

Large Roach Belly - $100.00, 4 3/4 inch blade
The Large Roach Belly was the style blade of knife issued to the French voyageurs when they hired on to the Hudson Bay Company as early as the late 1600s.

Large English - $100.00, 5 1/2 inch blade
The Large English was one of the most practical and most numerous blades shipped to the states during the first trade days. It is still just as practical today.

Large Drop Point - $100.00, 4 1/2 inch blade
The Large Drop Point is the knife I designed for large hands and a lot of control. It is being used for everything from a small kitchen chef's knife to field dressing elk and moose.

Nessmuk - $125.00, 5 1/2 inch blade
The Nessmuk was designed by the author George Washington Sears for use in the Adirondacks in the late 1800s. His pen name was Nessmuk, thus the name for this interesting blade shape.

Boning Knife - $125.00, 7 inch blade
The Boning knife is one I use for carving up hog that is roasted on the spit. It is a thin blade with a bit of flex and 7 inches long. It's a favorite in the kitchen.

Survival 1/8" Knife - $150.00

Large American Butcher Knife - $150.00, 7-1/2 inch blade
Blade depth 1-3/4", handle 4-7/8" 3/32", 1095 hi-carbon spring steel. Zone tempered.

Chef's knife - $150.00, 8 inch blade
The Chief's knife has a slightly rockered 8 inch blade and a comfortable curvy handle.

Bird Beak Camp knife - $195.00, 8 inch blade
The Bird Beak Camp knife is the same as the riflemen but the deeper blade makes it more practical for light camp chores.

Bird Beak Rifleman - $195.00, 8 inch blade
The Bird Beak Riflemen has an 8 inch blade with a generous handle. The extended bolster can act as a blade stop. It's for those who like long and pointy.

Buffalo Caper - $195.00, 8 inch blade
The Buffalo Caper is a real artistic design with heavy brass bolster and full tang file work and a lot of decorative pins in the handle. It was actually designed for a buffalo hunt and function very well.

Original Hudson Bay - $395.00, 8 inch blade
I researched the Original Hudson Bay for an article in Tactical Knives Magazine. I saw, measured and studied several originals at museums. These knives were called "the knives with the eyes" by the Canadian Indians who were the original targeted market for the first trade in the 1800s. This one has an 8 inch inch blade of 1/4 inch steel. It is blade heavy for doing heavy camp chores and eliminating the need for a belt axe. The Working Man's version has three rivets/side; the Chief's Grade has the front brass scale and two large rivets.

Coffin Handled Bowie - $395.00, 8 inch blade

Kitchen Set (4 pc.) - $395.00
The Kitchen Set is a four piece set in a maple case that matches the handles. It includes a Peeler the same shape as the Patch knife with a 1/32 inch blade that slices like a razor, a Paring knife that is the same as the Small Belt knife, a Boning knife and a slightly rockered Chef's knife with an 8 inch blade. They are made of the same carbon steel used in my other knives, so they will rust if put away wet. They will stain when used on foods containing acid, but this just adds to their patina and nothing slices like good old carbon steel.

Steak Knife Set (6 pc.) - $395.00
The Steak Set contains six steak knives with 4 1/2 inch blades of 1/16 inch steel and generous handles in a case that matches the handle finish and seals with magnetic closure.